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Having arrived from Mexico in 1980, the Campos family worked diligently to establish a flower farm in Watsonville, California. Their collective skill in growing and their tenacious perseverance helped establish Camflor as one of the largest and most reputable cut flower growing operations in California.


Each year the family has expanded their production as well as the variety of their product line. Camflor now grows on 100-acres with 17 greenhouses, and has one of the most extensive offerings in the cut flower industry. With flowers and greens ranging from staple items like alstromeria and delphinium to zebra grass and hundreds of items in between, a discerning buyer need look no further.


The temperate coastal climate of Central California creates the near-perfect environment for growing novelty cut flowers and greens. The filtered sun and cooler temperatures of this coast help produce stronger stems and superior quality over that of product grown in the hotter temperatures of southern California. The only growing limitation is that fewer plantings are able to come to harvest, sometimes resulting in slightly higher prices. Most customers agree this price difference is offset by stronger, more consistent quality.