CamFlor Eucalyptus

Are you familiar with the diverse world of eucalyptus varieties? There are hundreds of them, each with its unique shape, style, and characteristic, like any other greenery. 

We offer a year-round selection of different eucalyptus, focusing on the most popular ones widely used for floral arranging and decor. Some of these include Silver Dollar, Seeded, Parvifolia, Baby Blue, Willow, and Silver Bells, among others.  Check out a few of these eucalyptus varieties: 

All the eucalyptus we carry are locally grown and sourced in our area, leading to fluctuations in availability throughout the year, primarily influenced by weather conditions. The following graph offers an estimated availability pattern of our most popular eucalyptus. Please note that, due to the dynamic nature of weather, the eucalyptus season can vary. However, this estimate is based on data obtained from the last few years.e

How to care for cut eucalyptus:

Cut the end of the stems 1-2 inches. Clean the leaves from the end of the stems so they are not below the water level. This will ensure a longer vase life of the eucalyptus. You can change the water every few days, or once it starts looking a little brown. 

Additionally, if you want to dry your eucalyptus, remove the water from the vase and it will dry within a few days. 

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