Our Roots

Our story begins in 1980, when the Campos family migrated to the United States from Mexico to pursue their passion.  With their collective skills in growing and their tenacious perseverance, the family soon established one of the largest and most reputable cut flower growing operations in California, CamFlor, Inc.

Each year the family has expanded their production as well as the variety of their product line.  CamFlor, Inc. has one of the most extensive offerings in the cut flower industry.  With flowers and greens ranging from staple items like alstroemeria and delphinium, to zebra grass, and hundreds of items in-between.

CamFlor’s success is based on its company’s core values: responsibility, integrity, innovation, and environmental consciousness.  These are values that have been strengthened through time and continue to be reflected in the relationships between owners, employees, suppliers, clients, and society.