Amaranthus Up Green

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Product Description

Amaranthus has a long, distinguished history as a religious and ceremonial plant and as a food. In fact, its use as an ornamental bloom is a relatively recent development. A native of South America, amananthus’ name is derived from the Greek amarantos, which means “unfading” and is an appropriate reference to the flower’s long-lasting deep red, green or yellow blooms. Amaranthus, also commonly known as love-lies-bleeding and tassel-flower, is one of about 50 species of coarse annual herbs in the Amaranthaceae family and is related to gomphrena and celosia.

Vase Life
7-10 days.

Design Uses
Amaranthus is a popular choice in arrangements since its striking shades and forms add bold color and interesting texture to floral designs. Its strong shapes make it useful as a form or line flower. Hanging amaranthus is a particularly popular ingredient in waterfall and cascading designs.

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