Anemone Red

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Forsaken, expectations

A poppylike flower of the Ranunculaceae family, the anemone’s name derives from the Greek word anemos, which means “wind,” and lends the flower its other commonly used name–windflower. In Greek mythology, the anemone symbolized the bloody death of the Greek god Adonis. Bereaved, Aphrodite is said to have used the blood-red anemone to preserve his memory and greet new life in the spring; hence the origin of “Adonis gardens”–clay pots filled with anemones.

Vase Life
5-8 days.

Design Uses
Anemones will continue to grow, twist, and turn even after arranging. Allow room in arrangement for flowers to open. Good for vase arrangements, but not with daffodils (narcissus) as their exudate may clog anemone stems.

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