Lisianthus Green

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Product Description

From the Greek words lysis, meaning setting free or releasing.

The lisianthus, a member of the Gentianaceae family, is known for its many color varieties–especially its blue tones–and long vase life. Originating in the West Indies, Mexico, and Central and South America, the flower is known botanically as Eustoma grandiflorum. The common name comes from the Greek words lysis, meaning “dissolution,” and anthos, meaning “flower,” and alludes to the bitter quality of some medicinal species.

Vase Life
With proper care and handling, the colorful blooms can have a vase life of 10-15 days.

Care and Handling
Cut the stems under water and remove their lower foliage. Keep away from fruit and other ethylene producing items. Use commercial flower food.

Design Uses
Because of their broad-ranging colors, Lisianthuses make beautiful additions to almost any design. Their delicate, round blooms add mass while maintaining a soft texture. Lisianthus florets are often used in corsages.

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