Ranunculus Yellow

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The elegant ranunculus derives its name from the Latin word rana, meaning “frog”–hardly the picture these dainty blooms typically bring to mind. The name refers not to the flowers’ appearance, but to the moist environments in which they typically grow. Commonly called buttercup or crowfoot, ranunculuses are members of the Ranunculaceae family, and are related to peonies, acontiums, aquilegias and anemones.
Florists typically use the double-flowered ranunculus form, with its profusion of thin, closely spaced petals. These flower have gently bending stems covered with soft, fuzzy hair and sparse foliage support.

Vase Life
5-7 days.

Care and Handling
Ranunculuses are delicate blooms. Keep well hydrated. Can be dried by hanging them upside down in small bunches after stripping the leaves from the stems.

Design Uses
Best suited as an accent in arrangements.

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