Sweet Pea White

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Product Description

Delicate pleasures; Goodbye; Blissful pleasure; Departure; Thank you for a lovely time

Lathyrus odoratus, as sweet peas are properly known, derive their name from the Greek word, lathyros, for “pea” or “pulse,” and the Latin word for “fragrant,” odoratus. The delicacy of sweet peas, a delight to florists and gardeners alike, once limited the use and availability of this exceedingly fragrant member of the Fabaceae family. With more than 260 varieties in cultivation, sweet peas come in a broad color range, including white, purple, pink, lavender and red.

Vase Life
3-7 days.

Design Uses
Soft fragrance and delicate appearance makes sweet pea attractive in dainty arrangements and bridal design.

Additional information

Flower Type

Sweet Pea

Product Type

Flowers & Fillers


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