Waxflower Light Pink

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Product Description

Happiness in Marriage; Desire to travel

Also known as Madagascar jasmine, floradora or waxflower, Stephanotis floribunda is native from Malaya to Madagascar. Its name derives from the Greek stephanos, which means “crown,” and otos, which means “ear,” and refers to the five earlike appendages to the staminal crown at the flowers’ center.

The woody, twining vines are related to milkweed and are members of the Asclepiadaceae family. The vines feature leathery, elliptical leaves and fragrant, waxy white, tubular blooms that are highly prized as wedding flowers.

Vase Life
1-2 days.

Care and Handling
Handle with care to avoid bruising. Do not store at temperatures below 42 F.

Design Uses
The white color, delicate shape, and light fragrance make stephanotis popular for wedding and corsage work.

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